At Melbourne Speech Clinics we are proud to offer comprehensive Speech Pathology services by some of the most experienced clinicians in Melbourne.


If you feel your child, yourself or a loved one may have an issue with their ability to speak, communicate or swallow, we offer a 30-45 minute consultation to assess and address your concerns.

We shall listen, work with you and advise you as to the most appropriate clinical or developmental pathway to take.


A thorough assessment is a personalised, in depth process of gathering necessary information from the client and or the family. Informal and formal assessment procedures and the interpretation of the results, form the basis of our treatment plan.

Clinical assessments may include oromotor ~ bulbar musculature functioning, articulation and phonological profiling, expressive and receptive language skills, fluency skill, Dysphagia/swallowing assessment, Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment.

During and after our initial consultation it may be determined that further assessment information is required as to the array, level and depth of language, cognitive, linguistic or articulatory functioning. All assessment procedures are fully discussed with you, as is their results.

A treatment plan of care and recommendations can then be made to you and if you wish, a complete report prepared for your records and further consideration.

As a matter of professional courtesy and care, an assessment report is sent to the referring source for their records.


Once the assessment is completed we will develop an individualised treatment plan of care for you. The treatment plan is personalised, as every communicative disorder and presentation is different.

The family will be included at all stages of treatment and we encourage their continued involvement and support in any home therapy programs initiated. Their active involvement assists to maximise the therapeutic impact and maintain the momentum of therapeutic change occurring. We will devote our time and efforts to create a unique, personalised treatment plan for you or your child. In order to achieve the maximum progress in the least amount of time, it is critical you or your child maintain consistent attendance with minimal missed sessions. Please remember that speech and language therapy is very different from other lessons or other activities in which your child may be participating. Speech therapy is based on principles of cognitive development and motor skills learning. Skills learned in one session provide the foundation for the next session.

Our sessions are generally individual, however small group sessions are available for language and social skill development. Please speak to your clinician regarding your wishes.

Therapy sessions are conducted at our clinics, however home, kindergarten, school, hospital or aged care centre visits can easily be arranged. Please discuss this with your clinician as to which best suits your needs.

If you or someone you love is struggling with communication or swallowing please don’t wait. Prompt intervention improves results.

Please call us for professional advice on: 1300 654 540