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Craig Gorman – Melbourne Speech Clinics

Mr Craig Gorman is one of Melbourne’s most experienced Speech Pathologists with over 25 years spent across all fields of the profession.

Craig is the proud father of three children, James, Laura and Christian and feels that family and their associated experiences are the most precious experience of all.

Craig established the Melbourne Speech Clinics, a network of 8 private practices across metropolitan Melbourne. This wide ranging practice provides professional Speech Pathology services at their clinics across Melbourne and to schools, kindergartens and specialist services to Aged Care facilities on a contractual basis.

Craig was the Senior Speech Pathologist at the Preston and Northcote Community Hospital and then the Northern Hospital for over 12 years.

He has also established the Speech Pathology departments and services at Epworth Hospital, Olympia and Ivanhoe Manor Rehabilitation Hospitals, Knox Private Hospital, Donvale and Mitcham Private Hospitals.

Craig Gorman, as the principal Speech Pathologist of the practice is supported by a number of associated Speech Pathologists that specialise in paediatric speech and language disorders, adult communication disorders and swallowing impairment.

All of our Speech Pathologists are committed and passionate about providing quality services to their clients, so as to meet their goals and achieve success.

We are proud to be in a privileged position so as to make such a positive impact, not only in the life of our client but also the families of those we serve.

All Speech Pathologists are registered with Speech Pathology Australia and partake in professional development activity and research within the practice.

All Speech Pathologists have a current Working with Children Certificate and National Police Check Certificate, issued by Victoria Police, which is available for you to view upon request. …..At Melbourne Speech Clinics we lead by example.

Our practice manager and receptionists will assist you with appointments and any account inquiries you may have. They can provide you with important and relevant information regarding private health insurance rebates, Helping Children with Autism initiative or Enhanced Primary Care/Chronic Disease Management Plans.

WE, at Melbourne Speech Clinics………..

  • Know that building a child’s communication skills improves their self esteem and confidence.
  • Believe that a family centred approach to learning is the key to improving the overall success of the child.
  • Know that children learn best through play and exploration and strive to make all therapy sessions fun, interactive, meaningful and relevant.
  • Believe that parents need to be given all the information available, in order for them to make informed decisions about their child’s care.
  • Understand that motivating parents to find the natural teachers within will ensure their child’s continued improvement toward being successful communicators.
  • Know that every child has their own individual personality and aim to build goals and activities that ensure the child’s success.
  • Believe that parents know their child best, which makes their input the most important factor to effectively treating their child.
  • Understand the busy schedules that parents maintain, requires us to be flexible in providing our services.
  • Are proud to be in a professional position to act as an advocate for the children and families we serve.
  • Honour the individual differences in the development of speech and language skills as well as respect the challenges an adult may face with a communication or swallowing disorder.

If you or someone you love is struggling with communication or swallowing,

please don’t wait. Prompt intervention improves results.

Please call us for professional advice on 1300 654 540