Feeding / Oromotor Red Flags


  • Coughing/ choking or gagging during bottle or breast feeding.
  • Raspy “wet” vocal quality shortly after bottle or breast feeding
  • Ongoing poor weight gain.
  • Decreased tolerance/ difficulty transitioning to pureed food.
  • Decreased tolerance/ difficulty transitioning to sippy cup or open cup.
  • Decreased tolerance/ difficulty transitioning to increased textures including: Stage 2 or 3 baby foods. Crunchy meltables and table foods.
  • Frequent coughing or throat clearing during/ shortly after feeding.
  • Consistent drooling.
  • Refusing to eat certain foods, temperatures or textures.
  • Continuing to tolerate only baby foods past 12 months.
  • Food repertoire of less than 20 foods at 18+ months.
  • Food residue obvious in the mouth post feeds after 18 months.
  • Any reoccurring breathing/ chest infections associated with suspect swallowing.


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