Sensory Processing Red Flags


  • Sleep disturbances, unable to fall asleep or remain sleeping.
  • Having a hard to calming themselves down appropriately.
  • Overly upset with change in routine.
  • Having a difficult time with transitions between activity or location
  • Very busy, always on the go and has a reduced attention to task.
  • Often lethargic or low arousal. Appears to be tired/ slow to respond to stimulus.
  • Not aware when they get hurt, not crying, startle, or reaction to injury.
  • Afraid of swinging/ movement activities, does not like to be picked up or be upside down.
  • Frequently jumping and or falling purposefully to the floor/ crashing into things.
  • Seeking opportunities to fall without regard to his or her safety or that of others.
  • Appearing to be constantly moving around, even when sitting.
  • Constantly touching everything they see including other children.
  • Hate bath time or grooming, such as tooth brushing, hair brushing, haircuts, having nails trimmed, etc.
  • Afraid of/ aversive to/ avoids being messy, or touching different textures, such as grass, sand, carpet, paint, play dough, etc.
  • Frequently refuses new food choices.
  • Showing difficulty learning new activities (motor planning)


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